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Business Intelligence Success Factors

Books Olivia Parr-Rud Business Intelligence SFBusiness Intelligence Success Factors provides a wealth of information, observations, and recommendations that share a single purpose: To prepare leaders to respond effectively to both the perils and the opportunities associated with our high-tech, data-driven economy. More specifically, to help leaders align their organizations in ways that ensures agility and success in our global marketplace.

The concepts are organized in four Parts: The first provides an overview of a business “landscape” that reflects the changes each day; next, five “essential competencies” that an organization needs to leverage new opportunities (i.e. communication, collaboration, innovation, adaptability, and leadership) are examined; then in Part Three, new models for viewing BI are introduced, with special attention paid to systems thinking.
Highlights include how to:

  • Navigate of the “uncharted waters” of the global economy
  • Capture value
  • Devise an appropriate business model
  • Communicate effectively
  • Establish and nourish a culture of collaboration
  • Embracing the new paradigm for adaptability
  • Develop leadership for/within a dynamic organization


Business information is most valuable when it is properly organized to ensure expeditious processing of the information needed (obtaining it, evaluating it, prioritizing it, disseminating it, updating it, etc.) so that appropriate strategies can be formulated and executed (and on occasion, modified) to achieve strategic objectives. BI worthy of the name requires a cohesive, comprehensive, and cost-effective system. Here, in a single volume, is just about everything anyone needs to devise such a system.



In collaboration with 21 contributors, Olivia Parr Rud provides a wealth of information, observations, and recommendations that share a single purpose: To prepare those who read this book to respond effectively both to the perils and to the opportunities associated with Business Intelligence (BI). More specifically, to help them get their organization in proper alignment in the global economy.

Robert Morris, Hall of Fame, Top 500 Reviewer, Amazon


The bibliography alone is worth the cost of the book! Olivia provides us with the essential understanding of the key factors and trends that are present and emerging into the world of organizations as they exist today. It gives readers the opportunity to reflect on their current practices. If you are a start-up she provides a check-list of qualities and ways of working that must be present for success in the current business environment with the current character of workers. If you are an executive or manager you can look at the success factors and assess your current practices. If something in your business is not working you can assess what you are doing against Olivia’s success factors. Though the book is not prescriptive it is a resource that will enable you to build, remain or become a healthy organization. Buy this book!

Stewart Levine, Author, Resolutionary, www.resolutionworks.com


This book is about “Positive-Sum game”— An outcome in which Executives, Managers and Employees within the organization all benefit. In Business Intelligence Success Factors, Olivia Parr-Rud inspires us to believe that the size of the pie can always be enlarged and that spiritual and professional happiness in an organization can be a benefit for all parties. In discussing the essential competencies, Olivia reminds us of the depth and breadth of the competitive nature of the business environment today. The author emphasizes how development and nurture of the core competencies sets the organization well ahead of the competition.
As a Risk Manager, this masterpiece has given me the ability to identify, cultivate and harmonize my personal strengths and challenges. The book has provided me with the tools to achieve tremendous growth in my career. In the discussion of Chaos Theory, my own paradox of chaos and success becomes alive. I now use the book as a practical guide to balancing my internal struggles and potential successes. The ultimate winner in all this has been my professionally cordial relationships with coworkers, senior executives and all parties.
Here finally, I see a book that infuses a shared vision among all organizational parties and encourages the dovetailing of relationships in harmony to the benefit of high productivity, organizational success and a high sense of belonging for all parties.
I recommend that this book be read by all professionals across the board. I find this a very enlightening masterpiece!

Brian K. Banda, PhD (Risk Management Consultant, JP Morgan Chase)


I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in helping to raise the consciousness within organizations and those who enjoy quietly leading by example. Olivia offers an inspirational approach to business intelligence.

Olivia’s book is ideal for a book club. Within a community of readers, people can consciously slow down and reflect on all the wonderful ideas. If people only apply 5 to 10% of what they learn, from reading her book, organizational capacity will still grow immensely. When one finds ways to sow the seeds of knowledge and wisdom over a period of time within any organization, one can anticipate the joy in watching the seeds germinate and grow in the years to come.

Beyond contemplating how the broad spectrum of ideas can enrich organization behavior and optimal decision making, the concepts also offer opportunities for interpersonal reflection. This was an unanticipated consequence for me. By embracing chaos theory, acknowledging that order eventually emerges out of chaos, and appreciating systems thinking, my opportunities for personal growth have expanded.

Carl Gaertner, Thought Leader, Data Scientist, State Farm