The data is in. Love is good for business.! Love is good for people. Love is good for the planet.


In LOVE@WORK, The Essential Guide to a Life of Inspired Purpose (A Nautilus Silver Award Winner), I begin offering evidence that bringing love into business is actually good for the bottom line. Next, I share some models of human development that suggest why we are growing less content with the existing ‘loveless’ business paradigm.

In Part II, I delve into my personal healing journey that was so harshly shaped by my corporate path. I share my early struggles in senior management, and how I hid myself to feel safe. I describe going to some very dark places and how I learned to heal and thrive. I offer insights into some powerful practices that I embraced. And I provide a road map for helping you heal, unveil your gifts, and live a life of Inspired Purpose.

I conclude with some loving personal and corporate practices that are emerging to bring us into a new paradigm and will enable us to embrace LOVE@WORK. Click here to check out the book on Amazon.

My big “Why?”

We are at a tipping point in our evolutionary journey. Our actions over the next few years determine our very survival. We must evolve our consciousness or we will perish.

Corporations are the most powerful entities on the planet…more powerful that most nation states. If corporate leaders continue to foster a fear-based, top-down, competitive, business model, they will ultimately fail and bring the rest of us down with them. If, on the other hand, they embrace and champion a culture of love, the benefits will go way beyond the bottom line, A culture of love will bring healing and joy to their employees, their communities, and the planet at large.

My little “Why?”

For the last 25 years, I have lived a double life. In the corporate world, I played a successful data scientist and best-selling author with global recognition and respect. In many ways, it was a great life. But I kept a big part of myself hidden. Eventually, the pressure of my success brought up my fears and self-doubt. I went to some very dark places. In this book, I describe my pain, my heartaches, my fears, and my failures. And I share the processes and techniques I used to heal and begin to love myself. I feel I am now at a place where I am thriving. And my healing journey continues…

I don’t feel that my journey is unique. I sense it may be very similar to your journey. I feel that in some ways, we are all wounded healers. And we have amazing gifts and talents that our hearts yearn to share. My hope is that this book will inspire you to bring forth your greatest gifts and embrace love in all areas of your life.

My Wish

By realizing how good love is for your bottom line, I hope you will be motivated to bring more love into your corporate culture. After reading my story, I truly hope you feel inspired to step into your greatness and bring your unique gifts to the world.

Up Next

Look for The LOVE@WORK MethodTM, A Practice Guide – takes LOVE@WORK to a deeper level by offering insights, assessments, and exercises to help you live a life of Inspired Purpose.