I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Maya Angelou


Olivia has delivered keynotes and presentations to numerous organizations around the world. She is passionate about sharing her ideas and wisdom about what drives success in our dynamic global economy.


LOVE  The New Competitive Edge

Building a culture of caring, compassion, and connection, i.e. LOVE, is good for business. In this presentation, I describe research and case studies that show how love delivers the greatest business advantage. I offer models of conscious evolution to show why employees thrive in a culture of love. And I provide concrete steps that you can take to build your own culture of love.


Quantum Leadership: Keys to Leading in a Fast-Paced, High-Tech, Global Economy

Leadership is no longer about managing people and tasks. Given the complexities of business today, the best leaders are the best listeners, the best motivators, and the best cheerleaders.  In this presentation, I explore concepts and provide insights into why leadership is changing and how the best leaders see their organization as a living system with human potential as their greatest asset.


Keys to Powerful Communication

As your company embraces advanced technologies and automation, your workforce needs highly technical and complex skills. Your teams are likely to have different goals and functions. They may even speak ‘different languages.’ In this training, we explore the dynamics of effective communication among a variety of factors.  between different functional groups – for example, IT and Marketing. We learn techniques for breaking down barriers of communication that prevent the successful integration of each group’s valuable contribution. Interactive exercises allow participants to experience the benefits of effective communication.


Build Agility and Resilience with a Culture of Caring

Agile Agility NimbleRapidly changing markets, technologies, and business rules are creating stress for managers at all levels. The best way to guard against the ravages of uncertainty is to build a cohesive culture based on compassion and caring. In this training, we explore practices and exercises to build trust, encourage vulnerability, and create deep connection that adapts and thrives in times of great economic uncertainty.


Unleash Innovation with Disruptive Creativity

Everything linear is being automated or outsourced. To ensureBusiness People and Creativity Concept your position as a market leader, you need disruptive practices that infuse your organization with creative insights and new ideas. In this training, we explore how roles, routines, and our environment stifle our creativity. We look at how the brain works and how to get the most out of our daily routines to inspire and unleash innovation.

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